30 Days of Thanks | Day 9 | Modern Medicine & Miracles

I'm not a fan of visiting the doctor's office, the sound of the automatic doors that slide open upon entering a hospital, the smell of a hospital, the charts all over the walls that show immense details of your digestive system, your bone structure, and the colored-chart of your epidermal system. It's immensely unnerving to me how one place such as a medical facility could hold such pivotal moments for people.

However, despite my sentiments and qualms about anything doctor/medical/hospital/colored-charts/automatic-sliding-doors-related, I can't deny my gratitude for how modern medicine also plays a significant part of great miracles.

In a series of unexpected events of the past two weeks, some friends of our recently welcomed this little miracle into the world. He was a a tad early, but fought like a champ every step of the way. I think he gets that the fighting spirit from his momma. :)

Looking back, even if the medical world ain't my cup of tea, I sure am thankful that God's hands worked through modern medicine, weird-sounding monitoring machines, and knowledgeable doctors and nurses to make sure that mommy and this little guy could come home.