30 Days of Thanks | Day 8 | Sibling Birthdays

My sister is a big of a nerd when it comes to her birthday. And when I say "nerd" I mean it in the most affectionate/loving/I-have-to-say-it-this-because-I'm-the-big-sister way. Even if it doesn't necessarily involve a huge birthday bash, jars of jelly beans or a rainbow-colored pony with some glitter, the girl will make it known to everybody and their momma that she's so happy because it's her birthday.

The thing is, she's like this with EVERYBODY'S birthday, not just her own. I remember one year, as we were shopping during my own birthday, she decided that it was important to announce to the sales associate at the shoe store that it was my birthday. Half of me was touched, while the other half of me wanted to give her a noogie.

As nerdy as she is, I guess I can appreciate her feelings about birthdays. After all, it's a celebration of life, the anniversary of the day God decided to make you real, to put forth His awesome plans into motion through you.

I love my siblings and for every year that they get to celebrate life, well, now that's something I'm always super thankful for.

Happy Birthday to my nerdy, little sister.

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