30 Days of Thanks | Day 10 | Sister, Sister

I  used to wish I were an only child. I remember the pink pages of my Hello Kitty diary being filled with complaining for my very unfortunate lot in life, to be in constant company of not just one, but TWO of these beings called sisters. These rants came especially on the days when a favorite blouse went missing only to be "accidentally" discovered in my sisters' laundry pile. Or during the times that the lesson of sharing was highly emphasized in any situation involving chocolate or toys or a chance at the Nintendo controller. One wrong, cross-eyed look sometimes set into motion a spiral of fights, slamming of doors, and a vow that you will never get passed my half of the room!!

The pettiness as well as the crazy fun of our childhood together as sisters makes me smile. I don't know exactly when it happened, but in the wildly-woven fabric of our story, of our relationships, as life propelled us into the growing pains of adolescence and adulthood, I am reminded, so strongly, that I wouldn't trade the two gals that God decided a long time ago would be my sisters. Like, I actually love them. #whaaaat??

It's crazy to me to recall when the fights no longer were about toys, but were about missed phone calls. When it became less about sharing clothes and instead about sharing time. When it became about marriage, kids, careers, faith, failures, victories, and facing the unknowns. When it became about being unafraid to say that, this is harder than I can express, you're my sister, and I need you in my corner. 

I'm thankful that my Hello Kitty diary rants and wishes about wanting to be an an only child never came true. I look back and realize that God knew, far more than I ever did, that having siblings would be one of the best gifts I ever received.