Thankful List: Day 3

Day 3:
Handwritten-Thank You Cards

As a kid, I loved to write letters. The sea of stickers, pink stationary, and various pens that could make an ordinary letter burst with extraordinary awesomeness often held my attention for too long at the local Sanrio shop. Seeing a handwritten letter or card or note addressed to me from my childhood pen pals or cousins always sent me into an exciting world that always involved snail-mail surprises and 3 day delivery times.


In a world of digital communication, emails rapidly sent back and forth within seconds of each other, and mind-boggling speed, my favor for any personal communication still rests upon a good ol' note or card sent in the mail - complete with a stamp and a few dog-eared corners from it's journey to my mailbox. 

Nothing speaks appreciation more to me than a thank you card that was signed, sealed, and delivered with a smile. And for these simple gestures of kindness and reminders of a childhood love of snail mail and stamps, I am thankful.