Thankful List: Day 2

Day 2:
My Eyesight

I've worn glasses since I was in the sixth grade...and we won't talk about the fact that my first pair had pink lenses and were as thick as the pages of a small novel.The chalkboard (ahem, yes chalkboards are real) was a blur of homework assignments and grammar corrections for me, hence the necessary trip to the optometrist to get this resolved.

Though my glasses will forever serve as a reminder to me that I have inherited the-less-than-perfect vision from my mother's side of the family, they also symbolize that I have the gift of eye sight. That with a little bit of help, I got to see my niece's first smile as a rosy-cheeked infant years ago, got to witness the sparkle of a shooting star in the night sky at the time I needed to see proof from God that He was around during a rough time, to see the lines of a smile etched into every guests' face on my wedding day, to simply marvel at the multiple colors that surround me daily.

Yes - for my eyesight, I am thankful.