Thankful List Day 6: Small Groups That Get In Your Face

My husband and I are part of a small group from our church that meets every Wednesday. A year ago, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel being part of a group that encouraged transparency. Like, lemme-take-off-this-comfy-mask-and-trust-that-you-won't-judge-me kind of transparency.

Our small group from church is comprised of six married couples, including us, and an age range that spans from the early thirties to the sixties and includes a mix of races as well. The best part? These incredible people are imperfect and at the same time strive for a stronger relationship with Jesus. We have shared countless laughs and I have learned so much about God's love and mercy, overcoming challenges in a marriage, communication, forgiveness of each other and of ourselves, and the list goes on.

I have been prayed for more times than I can remember and have straight-hiccup-cried over stuff as they patiently listened to me fumble through whatever challenge I was currently faced with. And let me tell you, that hiccup-cry ain't something you allow just anyone to see - they have been graciously accepting of my constant need for Kleenex whenever my emotions get the best of me and have always, always, encouraged and reminded me of God's never-ending love for me.

I am forever grateful for this imperfect, God-loving, hiccup-cry-accepting group of people. They have reminded me to keep loving God, keep growing in God, and keep loving people like God.

Thankful List Day 5: Color

I recently purchased a Hello Kitty coloring book and a new box of Crayola Crayons.

Well, the box said for ages 5 and up. And I am up. So there.

As a kid, there was always something that came alive in me whenever a brand new 64-count box of Crayola goodness was unearthed and opened for the first time. Having more than one shade of blue, pink, or red to choose from to color Snoopy's face was a decision I made with bliss and careful precision. I loved coloring, and all the brilliant colors to see and choose from. Still do.

Color brings life to my world and as the fall softly blends into the cold of the soon-to-be-winter season, it's the colors around me like this that remind me to be thankful for changing seasons. For the golds, yellows, and reds that mark another season I have been blessed to witness, grow in, and live through.

Here's to life, color, and Crayons for us in the "up" group.

Happy Tuesday!

Thankful List: Day 3

Day 3:
Handwritten-Thank You Cards

As a kid, I loved to write letters. The sea of stickers, pink stationary, and various pens that could make an ordinary letter burst with extraordinary awesomeness often held my attention for too long at the local Sanrio shop. Seeing a handwritten letter or card or note addressed to me from my childhood pen pals or cousins always sent me into an exciting world that always involved snail-mail surprises and 3 day delivery times.


In a world of digital communication, emails rapidly sent back and forth within seconds of each other, and mind-boggling speed, my favor for any personal communication still rests upon a good ol' note or card sent in the mail - complete with a stamp and a few dog-eared corners from it's journey to my mailbox. 

Nothing speaks appreciation more to me than a thank you card that was signed, sealed, and delivered with a smile. And for these simple gestures of kindness and reminders of a childhood love of snail mail and stamps, I am thankful.

Thankful List: Day 1

I have no problem wanting things or adding things to a wish list. But hardly do I make a list of the things I am thankful for.

And it's never too late to start a things-to-be-thankful for list right? Right.

Day 1:
An Empty Wedding Ring Box

Whatever the outfit chosen for the day, my wedding ring is always a part of it. And this empty ring box that my husband and I have kept symbolizes to me that I'm walking around with a symbol of something special and treasured - and that my husband is walking around wearing that same symbol as well. And for that, I am thankful.