Beach Cruising Memories

Sometimes, I really miss the sunny afternoon days of my childhood.

I grew up with two sisters, a huge backyard that could easily pass for a baseball field or roller skating rink, and a vivid imagination that made anything possible in the days of summer break and the fun of being a kid.

In addition to the Rainbow Brite lunch box, Saturday morning cartoons, and high-sugar colorful cereals acceptable for breakfast as a kid, one of the things I miss most is having a bike. The rippling tassels hanging off the handles, the wheel spokes sporting colorful beads that click-clacked a summer song with each turn, the breeze of happiness that flowed through the smiling faces of my sisters and me as we raced around our neighborhood - yeah, I miss having a bike.

Hence, I got a little curious about what a a sweet beach cruiser would run for these days and then came across this:


And all I could say was: "WHO WAS HIDING THIS FROM ME WHEN I WAS A KID?!?!"

Internet, I have found my new bike.

Happy Wednesday!