Dentures, Guava Juice, and Truly Seeing

We'd just recently returned from a trip to Kauai. It's our favorite island in Hawaii and almost feels like a second home to us.  I sometimes wonder what it would be like to retire there, sipping cold glasses of guava juice even through our dentures, enjoying the season of our "old and grey" years of life together there.

There's nothing like the welcoming feeling the warm breeze of the islands gives you the minute you step off the plane. Along with our usual stops into our favorite eateries - Hamura's Saimin, Tip Top Motel Cafe, Kalaheo Cafe, just to name a few - our time was spent taking in the scenery around us, dodging a few tropical storms between the Poipu southside and Princeville northside of the island, and just basically slowing down for a bit.

I can never get enough of the well-known beauty that is Kauai. Amazingly, even beyond the sandy beaches, blues and whites of the powerful ocean, and golden sunrise, I smiled to see that indeed there was art everywhere if I stopped and took time to truly see.

Here's to always taking the time to truly see. Aloha, folks.

Happy Thursday!