PREVIEW: Erika, 2013. Bay Area, Glamour Photo Session & Makeover

As I walked around the studio setting up the reflector boards, checking camera gear, adjusting the blinds that shielded the afternoon daylight through the windows and preparing for a photo shoot this past weekend, bits of a casual conversation floated in the air between the stylist and model but it was this sentence that resonated the most with me:

 "I just want to be a role model for my daughter."

Meet Erika, owner of Take A Break Massage Therapy. When I first met Erika, I could immediately tell she was a no-nonsense go-getter, the type of person who wasn't just all talk about the things she wanted in life but rather the person who filled her days pursuing them without hesitation or excuses. Her love for her daughter is also very apparent and the bright smile that illuminates Erika's face at the mention of her little one was one of the things I remembered most from our first conversation over coffee.

Here is just a little sneak peak into Erika's recent photo shoot - as always, there is definitely more so stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday!