My Mom, The Hip Hop Hula Girl

There's definitely something very awesome about getting out there and trying something new, even though it scares you. I find that this is especially true when it comes to us women and exercise.

Just recently, my mom and I attended our first Hot Hula class together. And now I know why all the testimonies talk about how much it's a challenge and fun all at once! I've never been a graceful or coordinated dancer who knew how to stay in step with everyone around me (my childhood dreams were filled with daydreams about being a backup dancer for MC Hammer), but I am so glad I took the chance on trying this class out. It gave me a chance to step out of my little shell and hula my way to fitness, regardless of I was hula-ing to the left while everyone else hula'd to the right. =)

Once I got over the fact that my mother can dance better hip hop and hula than I can (wait, whaaaaa?), I found it refreshingly fun and a challenge especially since I have been stuck in a bit of a rut as far gym routines go. It's been told to me time and time again that sometimes your own body hits a plateau when it's used to the same routine over and over again so for sure this class is going to help me shake things up a bit. It was awesome to see that there was a variety of women attending, all ages and backgrounds. Truly, it was evident that everyone was there to have fun, break a sweat, and get your shake on!

And the music the instructor used? Too awesome and lovely. Let's just say I have a strong feeling Hawaii wants me to come and visit again.

The verdict? Definitely check out a local class in your area if you want to get fit and try something new. Lovin' Hot Hula!