Ana Rita Sloss

My Mom, The Hip Hop Hula Girl

There's definitely something very awesome about getting out there and trying something new, even though it scares you. I find that this is especially true when it comes to us women and exercise.

Just recently, my mom and I attended our first Hot Hula class together. And now I know why all the testimonies talk about how much it's a challenge and fun all at once! I've never been a graceful or coordinated dancer who knew how to stay in step with everyone around me (my childhood dreams were filled with daydreams about being a backup dancer for MC Hammer), but I am so glad I took the chance on trying this class out. It gave me a chance to step out of my little shell and hula my way to fitness, regardless of I was hula-ing to the left while everyone else hula'd to the right. =)

Once I got over the fact that my mother can dance better hip hop and hula than I can (wait, whaaaaa?), I found it refreshingly fun and a challenge especially since I have been stuck in a bit of a rut as far gym routines go. It's been told to me time and time again that sometimes your own body hits a plateau when it's used to the same routine over and over again so for sure this class is going to help me shake things up a bit. It was awesome to see that there was a variety of women attending, all ages and backgrounds. Truly, it was evident that everyone was there to have fun, break a sweat, and get your shake on!

And the music the instructor used? Too awesome and lovely. Let's just say I have a strong feeling Hawaii wants me to come and visit again.

The verdict? Definitely check out a local class in your area if you want to get fit and try something new. Lovin' Hot Hula!

New Inspiration and Two Left Feet

I love being newly inspired - even by things that don't necessarily have to do with photography.
It's pretty neat how non-photography related things in this life can actually serve as a unique form of inspiration to live well and make me want to push harder and be better in a lot of stuff in my life - photography, relationships with friends and family, my relationship with God, and even my health.

A few months ago my husband and I learned of an exercise program that was gaining popularity throughout the U.S. (and some of you may have already heard about it.)  Hot Hula was started by a woman named Ana-Rita Sloss back in 2009 and I seriously don't know why I didn't try this out sooner. I love to dance and love a great ab workout but I do gravitate more towards the shy end of the spectrum where the only dancing you'll see me do is when I hop around enthusiastically with my two left feet at home to the beats of Beyonce - much to the embarrassment of my husband.

What inspired me the most was hearing howAna Rita went through the phases of not feeling too confident because of her weight but eventually started excercising and later meeting folks who not only helped her lose the weight but also gain a perspective of wanting to live healthy and well. Thus Hot Hula was born to inspire everyone of every age and background to life healthy and well, too.

High-five to this power woman for that, right?!

I've been needed a challenge in my exercise routine and upon discovering there was a local class nearby, I quickly marked it in the calendar to try it out next Saturday. My goal? Just to have fun with it, get a good work out and MAYBE move my two left feet towards the front of the class one day. I'm just so excited to try something new and face a challenge head on. And if it's the name of being healthy, sign me up!!

Hope you're finding new ways to grow, to be challenged, but mostly, to be inspired!

Happy Friday!