I Think I Can Dance

I stared at the blinking cursor on this post thinking "Ehhhhh. What should I write about?"

And believe me, it's not because my mind is on screen saver mode. Rather, it's more of a problem because too many things are running through my mind and I want to write all of them down with enthusiasm and hope that the rest of the world will find my random thoughts just as funny and interesting as I do. One can hope, right?

Hands down (and my husband will certainly vouch for this), I am one of those weird folks who always have random things running a mile a minute in my head even though I may be doing something that has nothing to do with it. Like, doing the laundry......and thinking of how Spam Musubi makes a good breakfast for whenever I am in the mood for a sodium/salt fix. At the same time wondering how cool it would be to participate in a flash mob. Something like that.

There have been many a time where Justin and I will riding in the car, stuck in traffic and I will randomly blurt out a thought about something completely out of left field like, "I just love baked potatoes!" Or, "Baby, did you know I used to be able to rap this entire song back in high school?" (Add that talent to my awesome Running Man skills and you will discover why my husband married me.)

So hence this random post. What's running through my mind today? Well, I am super, duper, nerdy/geeked-out excited to attend my first Hot Hula class this Saturday with my mommy. I invited her to go because she loves a good cardio work out just as much as I do. What she doesn't know is that her first born child possesses the graceful dancing skills of a gorilla with a sprained ankle.

Let's hope this goes well tomorrow and that I don't end up like the last girl in this dance off.

Happy Friday, everyone!