My Grandma's Photo

My mom has this beautiful old photograph of my maternal grandmother that sits carefully encased in a green frame on a shelf in my parents' home. The sepia colors and time creases of the photo reveal that my grandmother was probably in her 20's when it was taken and that the occasion was probably a very special one as she is adorned gracefully n a terno, the traditional butterfly sleeved dress worn by Filipino women.

Her glance is off to the left side, telling me that perhaps the photographer intentionally posed her in this way to capture her carefully styled hair and the elegance of her fair and feminine profile. I never got a chance meet my grandmother as she passed away suddenly when my own mom was only two years old. Growing up, I would look through old family photos both in albums and on the shelves of my childhood home and this old photo of my grandmother always caught my eye. To me, this photograph was beautiful because it captured the great mystery of a woman from long ago who had direct influence in my life by giving life to my own mom. It's funny how a simple photograph, even from years ago of a person you barely know, can speak volumes of elegance and grace into the present and fill you with a bit of wonder.

Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, May 12th and while the ideas for Mother's Day gifts range anywhere from flowers to candy to home decorations, why not celebrate it this year by giving her a something a little different - the gift of a professional makeover along with a photo shoot with Heartbox Photography?

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Remind her this year that her elegance and grace as a woman and mother is definitely something to celebrate - every year.

Because her beauty is timeless.