Upcoming Outdoor Glam Photo Shoot

Last week, I witnessed for the first time, our friends' turtle, Rocky emerge from a winter season of hibernation. I know, random thought, but I found it fascinating how Rocky slowly chewed the broccoli proffered to him and adjust himself slowly to the new surroundings of faces anxiously watching his return from a winter slumber. Upon closer examination of his sleepy eyes and slower-than-molasses-movements, I have come to the conclusion that Rocky and I have a lot in common - we love broccoli and move slowly after waking up.

And now on to other non-turtle related news...

This week I am excitedly preparing for an outdoor portrait shoot with a lovely gal named Heather. It takes quite a bit of effort to map out an outdoor shoot, draft up the flow of poses, time the photos to maximize the best light of the afternoon sun, etc., but I love every minute of it as it just gives me more reason to push to a higher level of creativity and share images that capture the beauty of a woman.

Can't wait to share the results with you all, so stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday!