Target Runs and Friday Dates

It's Friday.

He took me out for my requested sushi dinner.

He treated me to a gift of new shoes that I loooooved even if it would make him look like a midget holding hands with a walking and talking beanstalk. In fabulous shoes.

In a romantic stroll through Target he even remembered to purchase a package of paper towels for the kitchen because we ran out at home. And folks, take note here. They weren't just any kind of paper towels, oh no, they were the fancy kind where you can cut out just the right size you needed. All this because he knows he married a paper-towel-rationing girl who loved to stubbornly squeeze out the last of the toothpaste before investing the money to purchase a brand new minty tube of Colgate goodness.

What can I say? The husband still knows that new shoes, kitchen paper towels, and Friday night runs to Target make the best Friday dates.

Happy Friday, everyone!