PREVIEW: Glamour Makeover & Photo Shoot - Vanessa. 2013

I met Vanessa and her kids a while back, being introduced to her as the girlfriend of one of my old friends. As embarrassing as it is to admit, I can easily forget people's names if I don't interact with them on a regular basis, but not Vanessa. She shares the same name as my sister as well as the same tall height. Not to mention they are both are hard-working moms, a trait that is and of it's self unforgettable.

Before her photo shoot, Vanessa told me that was a bit hesitant about participating because she was very shy and insecure when it came to trying to look good. (A feeling that I believe is shared by young girls and women all over the world - myself included.)

When I heard this, it motivated me even more to not just have her experience a great photo shoot with me, but to do everything I could to help change her perspective and replace that insecurity with a new and overwhelming sense of confidence. It was just a matter of having a mirror held up in front of her to see it for herself.

Vanessa, I hope this preview below is how you see yourself from now on - radiant and beautiful simply because you are you. You rocked this shoot and I hope you know it!

Enjoy and stay tuned for more of the final edits to come!

Happy Monday!

Hair and make up courtesy of Julieta Camacho