Gangnam-Style Coolness

I have this odd fantasy of being able to dance as well as Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta did in Grease. All smooth and suave complete with a killer poodle skirt and perfect hair.

Even just be part of a flash mob sensation on YouTube. You've seen those, right? How cool would that be to be the one who starts off the iconic dance moves in the middle of a mall and then have a crowd bust a move with you. Chills up my spine, I tell you, chills up my spine. Like, I could be the girl in the front of the crowd in the video and the minute the video goes viral, everyone's talking about that short Asian chic in the flash mob video who can Moonwalk with genuine Gangnam-style and coolness. I can't tell you how many times I've watched the music-video moves of everyone from MC Hammer to Jennifer Lopez and secretly wish that I was cast as an extra dancer in the background, gettin' down with my bad self for all of MTV to see.

I consider my big claim to dancing fame as the the time I was six and with fighting determination, squeezed my baby fat (yes, all of it) into a ballerina leotard and tutu and aspired to pirouette my way straight to Broadway's stages. That dream lasted about 5 minutes when I experienced the trauma of a 6 year old horrifically trapped in ballerina leotard needing to go to the bathroom, like, NOW.

Either way, I am re-living these dancing dreams. My husband and I are going to be signing up for ballroom dancing classes this spring. Whooooo-hoooo!! We're signing up for the regular waltz/salsa type of class because Justin absolutely refused to sign up for the country western dance class. (My personal preference.)

It's too bad, too, because he has no idea that his wife has amazing doe-c-doe-ing/spin your partner 'round and 'round/square dancing skills. Like, complete with Gangnam-style grace and coolness. Minus the tutu.

Happy Thursday!