He Got Skills, Too

I photograph people. That's my thing and that's what I love to focus my photography on.

But sometimes, just sometimes, even I need to step back and photograph things I normally don't photograph. Otherwise, I'll miss art of the environment around me.

This picture right here? It's just a tree. Eh....at least, that's what I thought when I stood in front of it.
But angle the camera to shoot upward into the tree and I saw that the branches seemed to reach high into the heavens with no end in sight against a bright sky. And suddenly, the bark of the tree's trunk wasn't just plain vanilla tree bark but upon closer examination with my camera, it became a wondrous texture of wood indented with years of growth, and a symbol of long-lasting  endurance - because who knows how that beautiful tree's been hanging out there waiting to have it's photo taken?

It was as if God took out his camera  and best lenses out and reminded me, with a smile, that He got them artistic skills, too.

Happy Monday!