Sometimes, I Like Homework

It has been one of those days.

An all day stomachache and on top of that a two hour class to sit through during the evening kind of days. I think my "bleh" mindset would have changed had I been allowed to lie down in the chairs like a 5 year old who ate too much junk food while listening to the teacher explain certain aspects of art and photography. Don't get me wrong...I absolutely enjoy the class and have been learning so much, but I think the ache in the tummy was making me more interested in curling up in my pajamas rather than study the beauty of black and white photography and greyscale.

But despite the tummy ache, my "bleh" yesterday, I went out and attempted my homework assignment today and actually had a ton of fun with it. Yes. I said it. I ACTUALLY LIKED THE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT.

And now, all of a sudden I really miss watching Family Matters.

Happy Thursday!