Team Waiting

The past few weeks have been a waiting game. A few times, I'd be in the lead, but most others times Team Waiting had the upper hand.

As part of Heartbox Photography's transitioning from "everything photography" to focusing just on glamour & women's contemporary portraiture, I have been in the crazy midst of searching for the right studio, getting acquainted with hairstylists and make up artists in the area,  re-assessing my portfolio, re-structuring my marketing plan, and all the while trying not to eat too much chocolate when I start to feel anxiety attack me like chicken pox.

Fight me for a Snicker bar. I double dare you.

And while it's been quite a ride, I can't help but also feel my excitement grow each day as I work towards finally being able to focus my photography on something I absolutely love - the everyday woman at her absolute best. Knowing that this could impact women, their view of themselves and reach into the lives of even their own girlfriends, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, makes me want to jump for joy each time I take a step forward. It's still about a month and half away from the anticipated January 2013 launch but time flies so stay tuned!

Yes, I know. This photo has nothing to do with anything in this post. But it's freakin' hilarious and it makes me wonder of Kona Bean is up for a little experiment....=)

Happy Tuesday!