Bags of Chips and Old Photographs

Every once in a while, I take the time to flip/scroll through photographs from when I first started taking photography seriously.

And it's funny because whenever I look at some of these old images, I can still remember clear as day what I was feeling and thinking at the time I made the photograph. Whether it was the thrill similar to that of a 5 year old with candy or even if it was the mounting frustration at not being able to capture the image the way my mind's eye saw it because of my limited technical knowledge - I remember it all. Though my feelings with each photo varied, the constant thread throughout was the unmistakable passion to create. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I can't take pencil to paper and draw a stick figure to save my life, can't paint anything with a paintbrush that would make Picasso a proud papa, can't craft anything together that would make Martha Stewart my BFF. Rather, my sketchpad, canvas, paintbrush, glue gun is my camera and I happily get lost in the world of creating with it every time.

I've been told over and over again that what helps keep you humble, keeps your successes and triumphs from becoming your crutch, and keeps you just going is periodically taking an intentional look at the past. Not to stay stuck in it, but to learn from it. To measure growth against that point A behind you to the Point B in front of you. And to glean from it the gold nuggets of wisdom that make future successes all the more sweet and worth the bumps, trials, errors, and effort.

To make the destination all that and a bag of chips.

Yes, some of these photos could have been composed differently. Yes, some of them could have been edited differently, exposed a little more, exposed a little less. And yes, of them are just plain "ohhh -no-she di-in't just take this photograph" status. Though not one of these images are Ansel Adams approved and endorsed (don't I wish!), I'm proud of  every single one of them and embrace it all happily and wholeheartedly, flaws and all. They will forever represent to me what effort, persistence, and a passion to create can yield for this photographer.

As many of you know, Heartbox Photography will now be specializing on women's contemporary portraiture. I have my first glamour/women's portrait shoot coming up in December and though I can feel the butterflies having a house-party in my stomach from nerves, I am incredibly excited to take the faith leap into this type of photography, trusting that the net to catch me will, as it always does, appear somehow.

Cheers to old photographs, new destinations, and of course, bags of chips.

Happy Tuesday!