Rambling Randoms

Everybody's got random ramblings and here are mine for the day:

Just had wheat sourdough bread for the first time. Why didn't anyone tell me about this genius fusion before?

It would be so cool if I could French braid my dog's hair. She'd be the most popular kid at the doggy park.

I never thought I'd be excited to go to the hardware store and buy materials for an upcoming photoshoot. Yipeeeee for paint!!!

Cravings for Hawaiian saimin soup has been going into overtime on my brain lately so I actually googled if it would be possible to have authentic saimin noodles overnighted from Hawaii. It costs how much for a pack of noodles??!?!

I don't ever want to know what Spam is made of.

My dog loves lettuce. Just like her momma.

I think it's funny when people laugh so hard I can see their cavity fillings.

One day, I will pass all the levels of Nintendo's SuperMario Brothers...1.

Deep tissue massages really should be covered by health insurance.

 I want to fly again because of this photo:

Happy Thursday!