Saimin vs. The Turkey

Whew.....Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas season is already upon us.  Really?!

This year, we spent the holiday in Vegas visiting family we don't always get to see. I was never a huge fan of  turkey or the desert and cigarette smoke that is Vegas, but the good news is that, in addition to fun times and laughs with family, a trip to Sin City means a stop into Aloha Specialties. Yes, I would trade turkey, pumpkin pie, all the Thanksgiving fixings for a bowl of their Hawaiian saimin. Any. Day. Even Thanksgiving.

And my wonderful husband still loves me despite this very minor quirk. Because, for real, you haven't lived until you've had a bowl of saimin.

This Thanksgiving and Christmas season is my absolute favorite time of the year and instead of rushing through it, I'm making a promise to myself to savor moment of it. Every family photo, every twinkle of a tree light, even the cold air that marks a true winter's night. Because really, to see another Christmas and grow another year older is a a blessing in itself because as it means another year of breath and life.

Christmas, here we come!

Happy Monday, everyone.

P.S. Oh and this photo? When my husband found this photo on the Internet, I could feel the insides of my heart just break into a gazillion pieces and a wave of shock make it's way through my bones.