Going Big

While my big dreams involve a successful photography business, my sister's big dreams involve hair. And not just the occasional trim kind of hair. More like designing hairstyles that look runway-ready kind of hair. The more hairspray, the better.

Because of the creative nature of both of our businesses, her being a hair stylist and me as a photographer, it's not unusual for us to exchange a phone call or two each week to bounce around and discuss new ideas on how to expand and become better at each of our respective crafts. A recent conversation over investing in marketing went something like this:

Sister: So option A is way cheaper and option B is more expensive, but I think I might have a bigger a return on my investment if I go with option B. I don't know...I should just go big or go home, right?"

Me: "Yes, I totally think you should go with the go big or go home option."
Sister: "Option B?"
Me: "Yeah, option B. Whatever choice is the go big or go home option. Go with that one."

While the above dialogue probably is not MBA worthy to an Ivy League school it touches upon an important point that I know both she and I strive for in the process of seeking success in our work, our goals and our dreams.

Go big or go home. As in, it's not just a photo, it's a new way to see the world or a new way you can show a person that they are beautiful. To her, it's not just a haircut, it's a way to give someone a confident stride in their walk. And to us, it's not just a pair of scissors or a camera - it's a love for all things creative, it's a chance to share a talent with the world, it's a possibility of being able to achieve a lifetime dream.

So yes,  whatever is the "go big or go home" option, I'll choose that one.

´╗┐Happy Wednesday!