Slowing Down the Hamster Wheel

I like to think that I take the time to appreciate the beauty around me in nature.  But just like a lot of people, I too can get caught up/sucked in/turn into a hamster on a wheel overnight when presented with the busyness of working, pursuing dream endeavors, paying bills, running errands, laundry, and trying to remember to feed the dog. 

This weekend, however, I got the chance to see first hand the beauty of Sedona, Arizona. With the way the gold of the sunlight hit the red and auburn colors of these majestic rocks, I had no choice but to slow down and let myself be amazed at something that didn't involve a to-do list or personal busyness.

And, for this little hamster on a to-do-list wheel, it was awesome and worth it.  

Hope you, too, had a great Labor Day Weekend...happy Tuesday!