Labor Day With The Sisterhood

As I'd mentioned in an earlier post, my sister Vanessa and I decided to take a little trip to Arizona during the Labor Day weekend.

What's in Arizona, you ask? The youngest sibling and some rare sistertime together. And of course, you know I had to bring my camera along for the adventure...

While most people read to pass the waiting time before take off, my sister insist she must detangle her hair. 

Stepping outside an air-conditioned plane onto the tarmac of an Arizona airport can be a a bit of a shock to your system.

Like someone blasted a hair dryer in your face unexpectedly. Right? Vanessa definitely thought so.

Kristina is a hair stylist with Salon Ethos and Redken certified haircolorist. Your hair or your Barbie Doll's hair, she can do it all.  

Vanessa and I had never seen the beauty that is Sedona, Arizona, so the three of us along with Kristina's boyfriend Mike, took a little drive over there to check it out. (Well, ok really, Mike drove while the three of us did our best not to drive him nuts during the car ride. Have you ever experienced what it's like to have 3 birds squawking in your ear for a whole 2 hours...with traffic? Mike does.)

Gorgeous, right?
Arizona heat is a great excuse to have ice cream...for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any time in between.  =)
From left to right: the youngest child, the middle child, and our patient chauffeur.

Vanessa shows off her natural modeling skills - I think I've found my next photoshoot subject. However, it will be a miracle if I can get her to pose with a little less Jim Carey action going on.

The middle child. She reminds us all the time to see the humor in life.

Growing up, there was never a dull moment in my life when it involved the 3 of us. This is us trying to organize ourselves for a normal photo. 

I now know why my poor dad has grey hair. 
I heart my sisters.

But I do not heart snakes. Fortunately, this creature wasn't alive as we just happened to stroll past it on the path. Blech. 

The proud Arizona State student. 

While Vanessa happily explores the campus, the youngest one on the left stops to melt in the 100 something degree weather. 

You can't see it, but there's a thought bubble hovering over her that says: "Dear God, why, why, why am I outside right now in this weather? WHY?"

Our Arizona adventures come to an end...with plans to do it again soon. 

Because really, you can never have to much love and laughter when it comes to sibling time. 

Happy Thursday!