Full Plates & Humble Beginnings

In search of a dish to hold my breakfast of oatmeal and granola this morning, I came across an old stack of brown colored plates tucked away on one of the shelves in our kitchen cupboard. These plates proudly boasted the orange flowery designs fit for old school decor and I have a very strong feeling these plates could have made their debut on The Brady Bunch show.

These plates aren't hip or cool looking like our fine Target chinaware. They aren't going to sell for much on EBay. And they certainly aren't rare antiques that will rake in thousands of dollars in new found wealth. These old plates are actually worth more than all of that.

A few years back, when I wasn't married, I found these plates, old-looking but unused and in perfect condition, in the back of a our church parking lot along with a whole ton of other giveaways. And because I had just moved out on my own without much, I remember thinking that with a little cleaning, these plates would serve just fine as my dishware for now. This all happened during a time when I had moved out because of some rough family issues going on. And it was also during this same time that I found myself suddenly without regular income coming in despite the fact that I had just moved into my first apartment.
As bleak as that season was, I clearly remember that my every need was met, whether it was money to pay my rent or other bills, a car that worked, gas to help me get to one temp job to the other. And those old plates? Well, as I'd said, they're not very cool looking and would never be chosen for a Martha Stewart magazine spread for fine chinaware, but they were also never void of food for me during that time.

A few years passed my husband and I have been fortunate enough now to have our own set of chinaware that are much newer. Yet, we still keep those old plates around because they remind us of not only humble beginnings, but of plates that were always filled and a God that always, always provides.

Happy Friday!