Almost Done

There was something about having brownies in the oven that were almost done. I would impatiently stick the toothpick in and see that clearly, the brownies still needed more baking, just a mere 5 minutes or so. But because chocolate and me are BFFs, I was already formulating reasons in my mind that hey, they were almost done and in my book, that was good enough. I just had to rescue them from burning in the oven and welcome them with a glass of cold milk and a smile. I told you. Chocolate. Me. BFFs. Fist bump.

Mmm. Brownies.

Speaking of almost done, I am excited to say that my sister Kristina will soon be making the debut of her company's website.  Her work is awesome and I am proud that she is going to be able to share it with the world even more.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Salon Ethos on Facebook and stay tuned for more!

Happy Thursday!