Dewey Decimal System Cool Factor

I like to read. Nay, I luuuurve to read! Books, magazines, the back of cereal boxes during breakfast, you name it.

One time on a 16 hour overseas flight, I was so immersed in a great novel during turbulence that the husband actually got annoyed that he was freaking out all by himself. And I in turn got annoyed that he interrupted me at the best part of the book. Because even as a kid, the intrigue of the stories wrapped up in the print of the book's paper could occupy me through anything....even turbulence.

I love the library and still proudly use my library card when ever I get a chance. The smell of the old books, the creases of the pages turned many times over to the delight of the reader, heck I even miss the card catalogue/Dewey decimal system from my elementary school library days and doing book reports. (Did I just reveal how ultimately cool I am or what?!)  If it wasn't for the fact that libraries don't provide your own personal kitchen and bathroom, I'd happily live in a library or local bookstore just for the opportunity to wander around and discover the treasures of books, books, and more books.

Which leads me to this picture.....whoever drew this, knows me all too well.
Happy Wednesday!