Blend and Be Ready To Serve

This afternoon, I had the opportunity to catch up with an acquaintance who is not only an accomplished hair and make up stylist in the Bay Area, but also had just recently graduated from Bible college this summer. Needless to say, she's a hard worker and accomplishments such as these recent ones probably shouldn't even surprise me. What struck me about our recent conversation was to hear how excited she was to be in a season of her life where there could possibly be even more leaps of faith coming her way soon. Yes, she absolutely loved being a stylist won't give up her love for hair and make up, but she was also thinking even bigger on ways she could make herself more available to serve God. The smiles and anticipation were obvious in her voice as she elaborated more on what God was doing in and through her life and I couldn't help but grin ear to ear on the phone listening to all the details.

While we caught up and talked about collaborating on future beauty/glamour photo shoots for women such as seen here we also talked about how we both wanted the paths we chose to honor and reflect God and his love for people. For me, it was wanting to have a photography business that specialized in photographing women of all ages, races and lifepaths and communicating the message that a woman is beautiful no matter what she may have thought of herself before. For her, it might be embarking on a path of ministry through the Dream Center.

I shared how I sometimes struggle with trying to blend my faith together with my love for photography, often times separating the two into my "God" section of life and the "other" section of my life. Though I try not to get like this, I have to admit that there are some days I get a little worried that the pursuit of a photography career is completely out of God's will because it wasn't your obvious "church" work like helping put away chairs after a Sunday service or singing on the worship team. (I'm more likely to make the chair topple over and break the mike with my American Idol-like singing efforts) Thankfully, through this conversation, I was reminded that contrary to the doubt I sometimes feel, the truth is that my photography work can absolutely be used for  reaching people and can actually be blended together to serve as an opportunity to minister and encourage women.

Not sure why I shared all of this except maybe for the following 2 reasons:

1. To encourage someone out in the big ol' Internet world out there that your talent can absolutely be used to serve God in huge ways

2. Remember, don't let me near a microphone at a Sunday service or otherwise - unless you have a desire to lose your hearing.

Happy Tuesday!