Never Forget

This week we are surrounded by a buzz of constant activity, yellow streaks of taxis whizzing by, subway stations at practically every corner, a maze of concrete that leads to new discoveries - yep, we are in New York City for the first time.

One of our absolutely must sees as tourists was the 9/11 Memorial. The 9/11 memorial was nothing short of amazing. Watching the Freedom Tower being constructed and seeing the site where the Twin Towers once stood was enough to render me in a somber silence. St. Paul's Chapel, this little church right across the memorial served as a hub for rescue workers to receive medical care, counseling, and meals during that time. I came across this display of a worn and weathered firefighter's uniform at St. Paul's, still covered with the dust and debris from serving during the rescue efforts.  Truly, there are some things that should never, ever be forgotten and the bravery of many firefighters, police officers, and medical workers on that day is one of them.

I'm looking forward to see more of what New York has in store and will be posting them here here so stay tuned!

Happy Monday!