Random Throwback Thursday Thoughts

When we were teenagers, my dear younger sister thought it would be funny to lock herself in the bathroom and try out/experiment with the cool skincare products I used on her own face. All because she wanted to see what the big stinkin' deal was that her older (and waaaay cooler) sister got to use more than just soap and water to wash her face ever night? Did the Noxzema container hold the magic beans that led to adolescent super coolness? Did the Oxy Pads contain the secret on how to be the cool kid who no longer used a Super Mario Brothers lunchbox (complete with matching Thermus) BUT BOUGHT THEIR LUNCH AT SCHOOL INSTEAD?!

Only one way to find out, she thought.

Maybe it's the evil big sister in me, but oh, the hilarity of it all to find out that the minute she slapped that Oxy Pad on her cheek, she suddenly felt like a cow that had been branded USDA certified - I know you all remember how much that stuff stung like a bee! Why I even used it, I'll never know.

A random Throwback Thursday thought, but oh wow, when did I go from using Noxzema and Oxy Pads to face wash and skin products that now say "anti-aging" on the container?

Happy Thursday!