Zion Lutheran Church Wedding Piedmont: Stacey & Shawn

I had recently been given the opportunity to assist in photographing the wedding of a lovely bride named Stacey and her fiance Shawn at Zion Lutheran Church in Piedmont. This church had special meaning to them as this was the same location Stacey's own parents were married years ago.   

Shawn is a proud fighter pilot for the United States Air Force and truly, when you're around folks who serve in that capacity for our country, you can't help but want to stand up, salute them, and say thank you. For real.

There was no mistaking the joy and happiness everyone felt for Shawn and Stacey on their big day. To be surrounded by your best girlfriends with all things happy - too priceless.

I adore details and the intricate beading and buttons of the dress' bodice were an absolute perfect touch!

´╗┐After my own wedding, Justin took the time out of his schedule to go to the local dry cleaners to have my wedding dress dry cleaned and preserved in this special box that will keep it in pristine condition. This service cost about $200 (whaaaaat?!) but means that my dress will last something like 300 years. Something like that. Why do I mention this? Simply because seeing Stacey's own beautiful wedding dress made me want to rip open that box and re-live that princess feeling every girl experiences on her wedding day.

See what I mean? Stacey rocked that gorgeous dress.

I'll end with this photo. It was one of my favorite ones fo the night as it so accurately and beautifully captures who Shawn and Stacey are. In love and proud to show it off to the world.

Happy Friday!