Pink Highlighted Goals

Goal setting notes complete with sub-goals (bulleted points, of course!), pink highlighter markings, and of course, 1 copy printed for my purse, 1 copy printed for display on desk, and 1 copy to keep in my car to look at while I drive myself around to Target, the grocery store, and the gym.

You haven't heard the news? I am one of the finalists in Olympic U.S. Team for the Type A Overachievers. Going for the gold, baby, going for the gold! (The crowd cheers all kinds of crazy as I triumphantly and swiftly pink-highlight another bullet point on my Goal Sheet.)

I recently had conversation with a long time friend about the fun and excitement as well as stress that comes with working towards the achievement of a goal or dream. And I don't know about you, but have you ever had one of those conversations in which you find the advice and encouragement you're giving someone else ends up being the reminders you need to hear yourself? Yep.

As I told my friend that she is more than just the things she does or accomplishes or sets out to do, the words seemed to have a boomerang effect on me. Like, they kept coming back and smacking me on the forehead, making me realize a few important things myself. Being a born overachiever a.k.a I just gotta-gotta-gotta-gotta-do this type of a person, I find that I, too, have to be reminded that I am more than the things I do, more than the accolades or even criticisms doled out to me and certainly more than my pink- highlighted, typed, and double spaced goal sheets.

Goals are great, and working towards dreams are fantabulously wonderful, but long before ALL of that I am simply a person first. A human with good and bad, highs and lows, regular smiles and OMG, re-do-that picture-again-please-smiles.

And I am thankful for the conversations with long-time girlfriends that prompt me to put down my pink highlighter and remember that important truth above everything else.

Happy Wednesday!