Patience and Marshmallows

Whenever someone says to me "ooh, you're so patient", a part of me wants to revel in the compliment, smiling serenely and humbly as I should...and other part of me wants to laugh a big ol' ba-ha-ha-ha and ask them if they meant to say that to the person standing behind me. Because if they ever saw me on one of my less than perfect days - the days where I feel like asking that person in the grocery store line why it takes them a whole 20 minutes to purchase 1 bag of marshmallows  - that compliment would be reeled back faster than a salmon on a fisherman's line.

Mmmm...salmon. Ehhhh, is it dinner time yet?

Though I appreciate the kind words of someone who thinks I am patient (because, let's face it, it does give you a weird ego boost complete with a gold star) I still find that it is better for me to use that comment to do a much needed reality to see check if my actions of late do indeed exemplify a patient and calm character.

Taking big steps and small steps towards growing a photography business has played a huge role in testing my patience lately and more so, my faith and trust in God. I can't speak for anyone else, but whenever I have a dream or something that I'm really determined to achieve, my overachieving/gotta-get-that-gold-star and sometimes impatient self emerges in the stride to make it to the proverbial finish line. I have my tough days (Did that person just call customer service over for help on how to purchase a bag of marshmallows?!? Uh.... no she DI - IIINT!!!), but little by little I am slowly learning to be more patient, more appreciative of the things I am learning on the way, more thankful that though I sometimes can't see two steps ahead of me on where this journey will lead, my Dad in heaven does.