Bacon-Seeking Coyotes & Sibling Time

I have officially started counting down the days until I fly to Phoenix to spend time with my two younger sisters. The three of us are very close (even sharing the same uber-cool crooked haircut as kids...thanks, Dad!) and somewhere in the midst of careers, relationships, and life, busyiness just kind of took over.

So needless to say, you can imagine my excitement to head out to the desert land despite the sun-just-kicked-me-in-the-face-type-heat. I'm ok with eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while we're out there if it means to be in the company of my sisters.

Not sure what is on the agenda, but I'm pretty sure we won't be venturing outdoors much. Not only because of the fact that you can fry an egg on your face from the intense heat out there, but more so because of this:

Meet Mr. Neighborhood Watch. My sister caught a photo of this coyote taking a stroll around her neighborhood. Taking a stroll in the  neighborhood?!?! And yes, while I'm totally aware that coyote attacks on humans are very rare, knowing my luck, I'll run into that one coyote that thinks I smell like bacon.

Here's to quality time with siblings and the bacon-seeking coyotes we dodge to have them.

Happy Wednesday!