The Armoire Closet & Ukay Ukay Moda

If I am ever cloned by some crazy scientists on a game show and you are the lucky contestant who has to guess which one is the real me, here's a little hint -  always, ALWAYS pick the one who is sporting the bigger pair of earrings. You do this and you have just won yourself a million bucks.

My love affair with unusual accessories and more importantly, jar-lid sized earrings began many years ago and has morphed into a bit of an obsession. You want to know how I knew my husband was "the one"? His first gift to me wasn't flowers or candy or a fancy schmancy dinner. Rather, it was a bracelet from Mexico made of flat pieces of material shaped like leaves.  Yes, you heard that right. Shaped. Like. Leaves. 

And boom. Just like that  - I found my soulmate.

The sunshine-filled weekend beckoned us outdoors and we found ourselves wandering around the historic Niles District of Fremont. It was there did we discover a hidden treasure called The Armoire Closet, a new and used clothing shop filled with nothing but AWESOMENESS. Really, if you ever find yourself in the beautiful Niles district of the Fremont on the East Bay and you appreciate fashion and ususual style, take a peek into The Armoire Closet.

I love unusual finds both in clothing and in jewelry and this place definitely did not disappoint. The owner, Kaleo, is super friendly and I love that he aims to bring in the fashion, vintage and art, (that are usually associated with the vibes of the bigger cities of San Francisco, Oakland, or Berkeley) into Fremont through his store.

As Justin and I wandered around the shop, my eyes immediately zeroed in on a rack of accessories beautifully adorned guessed it....earrings of all shapes and HUGE sizes.

Holllla! Time to smile at the husband and ask him to pry open his wallet.

I had to hold back from snatching up the entire rack of earrings as it was so hard to decide which ones were coming home with me. But eventually I decided on these earrings that were designed by Ukay Ukay Moda. The fact that they were fashioned out of buttons made me want to high-five the designer for her creativity and fist bump Kaleo for having a great eye on what unique styles to carry in his shop.
As Spam loves eggs, as macaroni loves cheese....SO I LOVE MY BUTTON EARRINGS.

Be sure to visit The Armoire Closet in Fremont. My husband knows full well that we'll be coming back as I love me a great treasure hunt in shops like this. And of course, be sure to check out the beautiful accessories created by Ukay Ukay Moda. Just know that I got dibs on the earrings. =)

Happy Monday!