Sweater Vests & Justin's Birthday

This is one of my favorite baby pictures of Justin. Mostly because he looks like a cute little potato head in a sweater vest and I think potatoes are pretty darn cool.

Today is his birthday and I'm pretty sure his Facebook page is covered in a sea of red tags of well wishes and greetings from family and friends.

Just last night, we were chatting about years that have gone by, our pasts as individuals and as a couple.  And as is true with most of us, life had it's ups and downs for him growing up. The good memories, the not- so-good memories, and the in-between memories. But what has remained constant has been God's loving hand on him, writing his story, so to speak. And as we celebrate and remember this day as the first day of his life 32 years ago, I am filled with gratitude for the man he is and the fact that I am blessed to call him my husband and friend.

My dear bubby, today we celebrate you. How you continue to be a strong leader to your friends and family because of your ability to follow and serve first. How you have that uncanny ability to remind others, especially me, by your actions to be generous and genuine with our time, money, and heart. How you somehow find something to laugh at in every situation with that nerdy sense of humor of yours. How your integrity shows in both your work life and personal life. How you love God and let it show without shame or hesitation. And yes, we can even to celebrate your love for cool sweater vests and the color brown today. 

This blog post isn't enough to say how much I love you and am thankful to be celebrating another year of your life today, but I hope it gives you some idea on how much your life means a lot to others and to me.

Happy, happy birthday, my Bubby!