Lost and Found

Finding things, especially after you had forgotten about them or thought you lost them, is fantabulous.

Like that five dollar bill you thought you'd lost- until you find it crumpled in the pocket of your jeans. Covered in a weird blue lint and smelling Tide fresh, but found, no less.

Or how about the time at the mall you thought you truly, this-is-for-real-this-time, I'm-not-kidding-oh-emmm-geee-I-can't-believe-it-I'm-going-to-have-to-call-the-police, lost your car to an evil car thief. Or the mall parking lot that eats Toyotas for snacks. After frantically dashing back and forth between other cars with shopping bags slamming against your legs (dang shoe sale!), you sigh relief as you miraculously find your car hiding behind the shadow of a monster truck whose name looks like it could be Big Bo.

Yes. I'll say it again.

Finding things you thought you lost or forgot about is, to the moon and back, fantabulous.

In light of finding things, I just recently found some photography files I thought I lost. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to help assist in shooting a wedding with Bliss Fotography at the beautiful Murrietta's Well in Livermore, California. The learning experience was an awesome one of which I was grateful to be a part of. And after looking through my hard drive, I discovered that I still had the files of the photos I had shot. Yay!! Somewhere in the busyness of sending them to the main photographer, and making sure they were backed up, etc., I had forgotten that I still had a copy for myself that the photographer had given me permission to post. And now that they are found, I can now post and share them. Gotta love these little surprises!

There are more to come, but here's a sneak preview from that wedding.

Happy Wednesday!