Life Conversations and Vegas

This weekend, as I'd mentioned in a previous post, we spent time with family in Las Vegas as we celebrated the high school graduation of my husband's niece. Amidst the celebration and well wishes, we were able to find some down time to hang out and get some ice cream. HOLLER!  Because really, as my sister once eloquently put it, the Las Vegas zillion degree heat just makes you want want to rob an ice cream truck of it's inventory, for real.

On the air-conditioned car ride to get some bowls of sugar goodness/I'll-regret-this-later at the popular Serendipity, my husband, his two nieces, and I found the conversation steering itself towards the topic of boys, being an independent woman, relationships, and growing up. Dun-dun-dun.

I have to hand it to Justin. Being a guy and all you'd think he'd have suddenly fallen silent or changed the subject as the girl-talk filled the car ride. But no. I was actually more quiet this time (*gasp*), and let him do more of the talking About how important it was for a woman to be a whole person in her identity before diving into a relationship. About the importance of being strong and trusting God first before trusting the relationship. About growing up, learning, and yes, even letting go.

I may be wrong, but I think the reason why I fell a bit more silent in this specific conversation is because somewhere deep inside, I knew it was more important for these girls to hear such important advice from a man instead of a woman. A man they trusted had their best interest at heart, in the midst of a world full of men who might try to tell them otherwise. And I think this was important, because to be frank, if I had been given such advice as a young woman, maybe I wouldn't have made the mistakes I would have in my younger years. Either way, it was a blessing to be able to have this conversation with these girls, especially since one of them was just completing a major milestone in her life before entering college. I truly believe that a woman who knows who she is in God and lets it show in all the relationships she builds, all the accomplishments she achieves, and in how she lives her life in general - well, now, that is a force to reckon with, so watch out world!

Oh, and on a side note, I think we've found Kona Bean's Halloween costume this year.

Because, surely, she's got big dreams, too.

Happy Tuesday!