My Momma's Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday.

And while I was going to write a long and fancy, schmancy post about all the great things she's taught us (including how to make sure you use enough lotion on your feet...yes, she actually taught us this) and all the habits I inherited from her (I actually like LOVE disinfecting everything in my house and take the time to admire a shiny and clean kitchen sink), I scrapped that idea once I logged onto Facebook and saw this post from my little sister:

"My mother is a slim woman who has always taken good care of herself. So, in celebration of her birthday today, she informed me that for breakfast, she splurged and at three big potato wedges, and a donut. Oh yeah, and she sang happy birthday to herself before indulging. Lol, gotta love the woman."

And that, folks, just proves I also inherited my love for potatoes from my momma.

Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you.