DJ Verz. 2012.

Once upon a time, in a land faraway called Childhood in the 80's, I may have fooled myself into thinking I could be a DJ. Oh, but not just any DJ that knew how to switch the cassette tapes out or press pause/play on your recorder (shoot, I know how to do that!), but a really, really cool DJ. 

The kind that everybody and they're momma knows about the minute you step inside the building, the DJ that crowds make way for as you lug all your gear for set up across the dance floor, the kind that knows how to rock an entire crowd with one simple  and skillfully administered skrrrrr-aaaatch on the turntables to blend the beats with smooth and seamless perfection.

Unfortunately, that childhood dream only lasted, ahmmm, about half an hour because as an 8 year old, the first time I put a needle to the record on our family turntable not only scratched the vinyl something awful, but cracked the needle and the needle head thingy majiggy that I guess is necessary on a turntable. And when I say it broke, I mean, snap, crackle, pop...CRRRRAAAAACK. Picture a chipmunk-cheeked Bruce Lee haircut lookin' Asian girl with eyes that said, "uh-ohhh" - that was me once I realized my parent's slipper would find a way to my backside before I could launch my doughnut-roll legs into running position.

Yeah. I'll stick to photography.

Meet my friend DJ Verz. For so many years, Verz has shared his art - his heart - through sharing the beat and the soul of a song with numerous crowds of all ages and walks of life, helping make a moment worth remembering for so many and reminding us that no matter what life throws your way, there's always a reason to dance.

Happy Monday!