Happy Ice Cream Day, Pops

My dad, I think like most dads, was never one for emotional, daughter-girly breakdown-moments or let's sit down and talk about life. It was all girls in my family, including my mother, so needless to say I think Dad noticed the sprouts of grey hair a little earlier than he anticipated. 

Dad loooooves ice cream. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if he's tried to buy stock in Dreyer's at one point in his life, for reals. Instead of toy stores, he frequented the local Baskin Robbins with my sisters and me as his way showing us that though he ain't one for the emo-talks, he still loved us nonetheless. I am fortunate to have many memories of my sisters and me happily pressing our chubby faces against the glass surfaces that covered the huge, colorful bins of yummy goodness that is Baskin Robbins ice cream. 

Today's his birthday and though he had to work and couldn't hang out, we made sure to stop by the local Baskin Robbins and pick up a little something to help him remember that birthdays aren't quite complete without some ice cream and family.

Happy birthday, Dad. We love you.

Photo courtesy of Kristian Iskandar, KI Photography