A Basket of French Fries

I once ran a 5k race with my husband, Justin.

Emphasis on ONCE.

You know that haze that you see over the road when it's a hot day outside? That wavy/hallucinating-like mess you see hanging over the road in the distance that reminds you you're in the desert and still faaarrr from water or civilization or a toilet? That's what I see all the times I attempt to run - even on the treadmill at the gym. I've only been on this machine FIVE minutes??

However, there's always something exciting about taking on a challenge just to say that you did it. Even running. I was looking through a journal that Justin and I keep together and saw our race bibs from that 5k race we both did in 2010.
Justin  kicked, screamed, cried lovingly supported the bright idea I had of signing us up for our first 5k race together. Did we become avid runners after completing this 5k race? Eh, heck-to-the-no. In fact, I vividly recall how we made a beeline for the local Mel's Diner after the race was done to inhale a couple of burgers and milshakes as a reward for enduring the entire race. I was never so happy to see a basket of French fries and almost hugged the waiter.

Even though I'm sure we both had that ugly, "I'm-so-tired-thirsty-hungry-I-can't-blink-or-feel-my-eyes-look going on as we crossed that finish line, we still did it.

And I love looking back at moments like that.