Sarah. 2012 - Maternity Photoshoot

Eeeeks! My first maternity photoshoot.

The last time I was this close to a preggy belly was when my sister was pregnant with my niece - and that was almost 10 years ago. I had forgotten how cool, freaky, and at the same time awesome it is to know that there is another life inside moving around a woman's tummy, preparing to make their grand entrance into this world. 

Meet Sarah and her husband, Daniel. Their soon-to-be-daughter, I'm sure, is also waving hello to the world through her mama's tummy and smiling at the camera. The weather was beautiful, warm, and full of abundant sunshine as my husband and I accompanied our friends through the vineyards and downtown of Livermore for this maternity photoshoot. 

You know those television shows or movies that shows a woman going into labor and the only one there to help her is the person who hiccup-cries from panic? Yeah, I was a little worried I might be that person and forever go down in history books as the photographer who made Sarah go into early labor - but thankfully, that didn't happen. 

Being that this was my first maternity shoot, I found myself being extra careful whenever I asked Sarah to walk around, sit down, stand up. She did great, and we spend an afternoon photographing this moment in both her and Daniel's life as they prepare to welcome their first baby.  

Daniel and Sarah, thanks for letting my camera and me be a part of this new and exciting season in your lives. We can't wait to celebrate with you both. Oh, and Justin is a pro at changing diapers, so we should let him do that when ya'll come over again. =)