He's a Yes God

It's always tough to say no.

No to  things like negative peer pressure, no to following the latest fads that you know aren't good for you, (helloooo, 80's!). No to that extra helping of pasta that you know you'll later regret as you roll away from the dinner table overly stuffed and wanting to take a nap on the floor. (I'm not the only one who struggles with this, right?)

I started thinking about this whole concept of saying no lately, especially because I'm slowly working my way towards building my own brand in photography. In speaking with other very helpful photographers in the industry and learning all that I can, I realize that the word no is what will help build my photography business on solid foundation. I love the beach, but not the idea of building my photography business on sandy foundation. "No" to certain things that don't fit my brand will mean a whole ton of "Yes" for things that will. 

No to being caught up with the latest fads on camera gear will mean a yes for investing in my voice and brand - investing in the long term things that matter.

No to unecessary fear will allow for saying yes to opportunities to overcome those fears. No to comparing my work to others too much will allow for a yes towards making my own style of photography come to life and share with the world. No to giving up because I said so, to instead a yes towards not giving up and seeing what God can do through me if I believe Him. You get the picture.

There's this weird idea that I used to buy into that God is this negative God full of no's. No this, no that, no to also this and no to also that. And no to that, too. Needless to say, I've had many times in my life where I've thrown up my hands and said "Dang, for real, God?!? Can't you just let me have any fun?"

It wasn't until I got older and actually had a real relationship with God that it dawned on me He is in fact a God of abundant yes'. He be packin' a ton of those "yes" gifts the way I used to pack loads of chocolate into my bag going trick-or-treating around the neighborhood - with abundance and joy. He just used those "no's" in my own life first because He wanted to give me much bigger yes' gifts later on. Yes to freedom, change, growth, courage, forgiveness, and yes, even the chance to grow as person in photography.

He's a cool God and I'm thankful He's teaching me that "no" can leave room for an awesome "yes" down the road...maybe even with an extra piece of chocolate to go with it. =)

Happy Wednesday!