The Eye of the Tiger

"Yo, Adrian!"

Who could forget that famous line? Yeah, I know. No one.

That line was uttered from the mouth of a true underdog, a fighter both in the literal and figurative sense of the word. For the latter part of the 70's, a good chunk of the 80's, a little in the 90's and even today, the movie Rocky has remained a good enough reason to run up a flight of steps in Philly and dance with your fists raised up in victory. The movie has remained a great inspiration to a lot of folks who've watched it, boxing fanatics or not, myself included.

And heck, if I'm being honest, hearing the first few beats of Eye of the Tiger makes me speed up my slow-as-molasses pace on the treadmill at the gym. I will run a whole 1 mile dang it, I will!

I looove all the Rocky movies mostly because in the midst of all the jokes made about each one produced, the message of it all packs some serious punch. (I'm so witty, aint I? I can already see my husband rolling his eyes at his AWESOME wife!)

And though I look more like Steve Urkel than Rocky when I take my swings at challenges that come my way, just put some Eye of the Tiger in my earphones, and I'm good go. Here's to challenges and facing them with all you got.

Happy Tuesday!