She Unpacks the Extra Socks

Palm trees? Love it.
Sunshine and blue oceans? Heck to the yes!

Vacations are fun, no doubt about it. Vacation on anything resembling an island? HOLLA!

What I hate about it though? The fact that as I run around packing sunscreen, clothes, and toiletries into bags there is a little, fluffy, four-legged creature sitting next to the luggage unpacking the extra socks I just packed away, staring up at me with her big button eyes saying " hate me, don't you?"

It's reassuring to know that my parents baby-sit our baby (yes, she's a dog to the world, but to us she's always be a baby) whenever we leave for a few days knowing she's in good hands. But even as I enjoy blue waters and sunshine, I can't help but miss the simple pleasures of throwing around a tennis ball for a little lady-girl named Kona Bean who will unpack our suitcase whenever we try to leave because she loves us.