Yipee!! - My Very First Published Photo

It isn't fun having a sore throat and thinking as I wake up this morning "OMG, what if it's strep/bronchitis/the flu/some unknown-I'll be-the-first-case-of-a-new-disease-they've-discovered."

But first, I guess calming down and just waiting to see the doctor is the best thing to do first, right? Right.

On the bright side, I got a pleasant surprise in my Inbox this morning as soon as I quit panicking about my possibly diseased throat. Ms. Ava Albano, whom some of you may remember from the photoshoot we did here sent me a message to let me know she had been featured in an article at her college and that they had used a photo from her photoshoot with me. I got all sorts of happy to see my photo used, but even more so to see why they had written an article on Ava. She's a hard-working college student I'm super proud of her. Check out the article on:

Finishing school, working, and supporting her family - 
Ava Albano's SOS story

Thanks, Ava for sharing this with me and keep up the great work!
Happy Tuesday, everybody!!