White Rabbit Candy and the Perez Family

If you have never had White Rabbit candy, go to your nearest Asian store and pick up a bag. Make sure you got a good dental insurance plan in place, then start chomping away at one of the best candies ever. Your teeth'll be hurtin', but man, they're good. Like, hecka.

They're also useful for helping kids get through a photoshoot. Sugar usually does. =) Armed with a bag of this candy, my hubby and I met up with our friends, the Perez family, to do a photoshoot of their kids. I was a little nervous because I've only done one other photoshoot of kids and it was only with two, the Maganito kids. This time around, I was going to be handling four kids and hoped they wouldn't get tired of smiling for my camera.

The shoot went awesome and it gave us a chance to hang out with friends we hadn't seen in a while. Below is a preview of the Perez photoshoot. More to come, so stay tuned!!

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